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We offer an assortment of cost effective solutions to streamline your workforce requirements.  From the start-up to the fortune 50 enterprise, our services are structured to meet your budgetary thresholds.  Brief or long term contract assignments, small or large size project initiatives, and full-time placement.  We provide rapid talent fulfillment. Our fee structure is based on an hourly fixed rate or a percentage of the candidate’s first annual salary.

The difficult or “hard to find” skill set search is our niche.  We leverage our industry experience, personal network and our expansive database to identify and locate the resources you depend on.  We source candidates pro-actively, and rarely do we rely on job boards.

Headquartered in Denver Colorado (the third largest U.S. engineering market according to the U.S. Department of Labor) Tempo specializes in identifying and locating the “difficult” or “hard to find” skill set.  To save valuable time and to lessen job pressure, each team member offers an successful career track prior to joining Tempo.  The average tenure of our team exceeds the ten year mark.  Now, that is an accomplishment especially considering the fast paced nature of workforce management environment.   Workforce management is built one relation at a time.  Our long established personal network combined with our extensive proprietary database sets us apart from the competition.  We avoid the job boards, instead we center our activity among the relationships we’ve established over decades.

Tempo Team is a leading staffing and recruiting workforce solution provider with over 12 years of experience providing quality resources to meet today’s rapid changing business landscape.  Client centered, Tempo delivers value driven human capital solutions to streamline and manage your critical labor assets.  

“Difficult” or “challenging” skill sets is our niche.  Each Tempo team member averages over 10 years of experience in the competitive talent search arena.  We put our experience to work for you to quickly identify and deliver the precise skill set you demand.  Our record of success is this arena is unmatched.

Tempo invests the time up-front

to understand your company,

your industry, your people and

the nuances of your business

culture. We identify then present

only qualified candidates to meet

your critical needs. Our

streamlined approach saves you

valuable time which allows you to

focus on what’s important.


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